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Sister Cities, The Stone Space,  28th September - 22nd October, 2023

Sister Cities_Install-4.jpg

Floating Island, 2023

Building models, polystyrene, foam clay, resin, silicone, sushi boat.

Sister Cities_Install-23.jpg

Photography by Calvin Sheely / Oliver Mounir.

Sister Cities_Install-19.jpg

Taking as its inspiration the collision of a mega yacht and a mega structure, Sister Cities is a group exhibition that explores the recent rise of urban utopias via two significant events that occurred during the development of Canary Wharf. Featuring the works by three artists: Sasha Ercole, Meitao Qu, and Sam van Strien, who will be showcasing new and recent works in response to One Canada Square and the Nabila yacht.

Sasha Ercole’s installation work explores the idea of the lobby as a performative liminal space between the private and public realm. A sculpture by Meitao Qu will trace the political symbolism of yachts as a contemporary manifestation of wealth and power. Sam van Strien will explore the mediated experience we have of commercial architecture through engravings and impressions made on commercial buildings located in and around Canary Wharf.

The exhibition takes its name from the concept of sister cities, also known as twin cities, which were created after World War II to unite international allies in a moment of disarray. Forming a legal or social agreement between two geographically and politically distinct localities to promote cultural and commercial ties. Similar to the arbitrary connections between cities like Tampa and Agrigento or Chicago and Accra, the exhibition binds a relationship between the two seemingly unconnected events in Canary
Wharf to detail their commercial and political ties.

Curated by Calvin Sheely.

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