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Croydon System Change residency and commission, co-hosted by Turf Projects x Swarm Dynamics, 2023

Escape room1.png

Workshop 1: Escape Room Challange - System Change

0012  Workshop TWO.jpg

Workshop 2: Radical Planning

The Croydon System Change Project brings immersive arts and representatives of local civil society groups together to explore positive visions of deep social, environmental, and economic change. A safe space to creatively explore the possibilities for a truly equitable and zero-carbon Croydon, with a focus on some of the most vulnerable, the project is starting a conversation about systems level change, while portraying how participating local community and action group’s view “system change” in their efforts to bring about brighter and meaningful futures.

The work will be presented at the Museum of Croydon in the fall for Borough of Culture 2023.

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