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Paper Castles, 2022

S-AIR x Troy House Foundation Residency, Sapporo, Japan - August to October 2022


This exhibition brings together a collection of works created between August and October 2022. From physical places to imagined spaces, the works explore the construction of realities through sculpture, video and virtual reality.

Paper Castles assembles images, views, and stories about Hokkaido that I encountered during the residency. Between a ‘short’ history and a ‘lack’ of tradition to an indigenous culture and colonial immigration, Hokkaido embodies the complex narratives of modernisation which remain in question today. From American ‘sticks’ style buildings to the remnants of coal mining, the island’s history is embedded within its architectural environments. Using miniature models and readymade assembly kits, the work brings together conflicting perspectives to highlight the positionality of cultural narratives about the past and present.

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